Best Time to go to Orlando, Florida - When is the Best Time to Visit Disney?

We are often asked what is the best time to go to Florida, or the best time to visit Disney, Orlando. There is no right or wrong answer to this, as it will depend on what your personal preference are.

Some people think the best time to go to Orlando is during quieter times when there are lower wait times at the rides. For other visitors, the best time to go to Florida is when it is busy, as they get a buzz out of busyness in the parks.

Other people will think the best time to go to Orlando, Florida is when the temperatures are cooler, whereas other people prefer the hotter times over the late Spring to early Autumn.

Below are opinions from some of our owners that advertise with us. They have their own ideas of the best time to go to Florida, but it may give you some guidance if you are planning a trip.

The best time to go to Florida?

We have been fortunate enough for a number of years now to visit Florida on average twice a year. As with many of us, we have certain restrictions that are put on us from outside forces. Cost is understandably a consideration, as is work and of course school holidays! ! In our house there is an equally important issue that has had to be considered for the last 9 years, and that is health. Due to a health diagnosis 9 years ago, I am unable to cope with the more humid months of the summers in Florida. We had come to like to go around May time to Florida, the weather was really hotting up and it was a perfect start to the English summer time. Not going away during the summer holidays was quite hard for our daughter at times, but then she had already been away!!

The list of considerations that became important to us have gradually meant that we tend to visit Florida these days around Easter time and luckily again in October. One thing that we have particularly become aware of and truly appreciate, is that by not going to Florida in the summer (which as I said would not suit my family for health reasons), we end up feeling like we have had a much longer English summer than we would otherwise have! ! In affect, because we go on a warm summer break at the end of March to return just as the English weather is warming nicely and then go again for 2 more weeks just when the summer has closed here, in the middle of October!!

I have to admit, I would go to Florida almost any time now, as we fall in love with the place more each time we go. You really cannot beat the perfect weather that awaits you in March/April, and of course the spring activities, which adorn the parks at this time of year, Flower Festival at Epcot and Mardi Gras at Universal for example. Then in October, it is different again, more often warmer evenings perhaps, but of course it still gets dark a little earlier and the parks and most every where you go at this time of year is of course celebrating Halloween! ! I think the October period is still one of my favourite times to visit, I really feel as if I am cheating the English summer a little, by making it last longer! ! Another serious consideration is that at neither of the times we go do we have to dodge the rain showers that do tend to visit in the summer months (though warm rain, for 20 minutes can be quite lovely at times!)

Try not to limit yourself too much when looking to visit Florida, you will not be disappointed at what is on offer most of the year round it is blue skies and hot! ! ! ! Lovely!

Best Time to Go to Disney

Many visitors to Florida can only go in the school holidays and when this happens it is best to plan well ahead.

Flights from Europe are often cheaper when booked long in advance and some villas offer discounted rentals for early bookings. If you have plans to dine at a Disney restaurant it is also wise to book as soon as they starting taking reservations. This is often 180 days prior to the date you require.

However if you can choose your dates and you are going in the quieter months you may well be able to wait for bargain flight prices.

Spring is usually a great time to go. The weather will be warm and then gradually gets hotter. It is not a particularly rainy time and normally the parks are not too crowded. However American Spring Break, which appears to fall at different times in different States, happens during March/very early April and then everywhere in Orlando gets busy. Easter is also a very busy time and if you can the Parks are best avoided for a few days over the Easter weekend. However on the plus side the Parks do stay open very late at night over Easter.

Summer can be an excellent time to visit with the Parks open long hours. You must be prepared for the heat and the fact that it becomes very hot as well as humid. Often during August in particular you get heavy afternoon thunderstorms. However, after one of these is our favourite time to go to a Water Park as the crowds have left, the air is less stifling and they are open quite late.

Autumn/Fall this is parents favourite time of year and they are lucky they can go then, as they are not restricted to school holidays. It is still quite warm and we have been to a Mickey’s Scary Halloween party at Magic Kingdom at the end of October and still been walking around in tee shirt and shorts at midnight. There are usually less crowds around in autumn but Thanksgiving weekend can be very busy.

Winter can bring mixed weather but be very nice. The American holiday season, starting slightly before Thanksgiving until early New Year, is a great time to go with much entertainment. . If you visit in December, you also have the benefit of the holiday attractions and decorations. However the weather can be unpredictable tee shirts and shorts one-day coats and mittens the next. I laughed one Christmas when we were told to put blankets around our outdoor trees and some people did. However I was not laughing a week later when our tree had died from frost and the others had survived!

Christmas is so magical, although if you are planning to go to go to Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day go very early as they often close their gates once they have a capacity crowd. Be sure to take the children to the “Snowing Nightly” at Celebration, which is just off the 192 heading towards the 27.

You will not find many queues in January and February but Park Hours tend to be shorter and some of the major attractions could be scheduled for rehab.

Whenever you choose to go I am sure you will have a fantastic time.