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The term 'OV' is be used to represent '' and any of the other sites that we run.

  1. Owners MUST quote their OV villa ref number in the main body text (not just the subject line) of ALL replies to enquiries whether general enquiries or direct enquiries. It is preferable for you to quote a link to your advert on our sites in your reply. *

  2. NO automatic replies (auto-responders) to be generated for OV enquiries, as these usually have contact / web site details on that redirect guests to their site and then it is not possible for the owner to know that it was OV that generated the enquiry. 'Auto-replies' are usually configured using 'rules' within your email software and send a pre-defined static email back to anyone that sends an enquiry with general information and contact details, within seconds of the person making an enquiry. Whilst we understand the reasons for doing this, we do not permit their use at any time, as it make it impossible for owners to track OV as the original source of the enquiry.

  3. Owners must not advertise other services that OV offers in their replies to enquiries (such as car hire, flights or park tickets). You are, of course, free to advertise the other OV sites such as and in your replies or on your website.

  4. Owners MUST NOT direct enquirers to any web site that advertises any other houses (other than houses that are advertised on OV). That includes sites that link to other villa rental sites or that offer other villas that may be provided by the owners MC for example. If you do not have a website that meets these requirements then we suggest you direct guests to your villa page on OV.

  5. Owners MUST NOT direct enquirers to any web site that advertises car hire or park tickets(other than OV owned car hire or park tickets sites). That includes sites that link to other car hire or park ticket sites. If you do not have a website that meets these requirements then we suggest you direct guests to your villa page on OV.

  6. In villa adverts hosted on OV, there must be NO contact details such as email, web address, telephone numbers.

  7. In villa adverts hosted on OV, there must be no advertising of other services such as flights, car hire or park tickets (other than OV sites for these services).

  8. If you get a direct enquiry that you can not do, then it must be forwarded back to OV immediately - NOT to other owners.

  9. If a request for a multi-home booking comes in, then AT OUR DISCRETION, as long as your home is one of the homes on offer, you may share the enquiry with non-OV owners in order to fulfil the requirements, provided the referral fee is paid to OV for all houses involved should the booking be successful. Please contact us if you get such an enquiry prior to replying to the request.

  10. All homes advertised on OV must be verified by us as being privately owned by who the advert implies it is owned by.We understand that a few people on OV advertise villas on behalf of the actual owners. Provided you are not a Management Company or a villa letting agent of any sort, then the villa can be verified by ourselves, provided you get the permission of the villa owner, and the villa owner can provide proof of ownership in the usual way. Also, if you do advertise on behalf of a villa owner then you must accept the terms of this document on behalf of the owner.

  11. The current rate for bookings as a result of enquiries is shown when you log in at The payment is not refundable. This is payable as soon as you receive the deposit from the guest. It is your responsibility to ensure you keep track of your enquiries and realise when a guest books your villa where the original enquiry was generated. Enquirers are now being followed up by us and asked to declare if they have made a booking and if so, which villa they booked.

  12. The sending of any enquiries you receive through OV to other home owners who do not advertise on OV is strictly forbidden. If we suspect this is happening, your advert on OV may be suspended without any notice. The decision on what constitutes a breach of this lies solely with OV.

  13. OV does not participate or tolerate the sending on Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM). We reserve the right to cancel the Membership of any member we suspect of using OV to spam guests or villa owners on the site. This includes emailing guests some time after they made the original enquiry. The decision on what constitutes a breach of this lies solely with OV.

  14. The content of the adverts must be suitable for viewing by a family, including children. The use of any vulgar, racial or any other words likely to give offence to a group of people is expressly forbidden. We reserve the right to edit the content of your advert at our final discretion.

  15. Adverts will only be published live on OV when they have at least a Main photo of the villa (this can be whatever photo you think will best highlight your villa) and the villa is verified as being privately owned against independent official records. Owners can add as many other photos of the villa a they like to their advert (subject to a maximum of 15 photos on any one advert). You will not receive any enquiries for your villa until your advert is live on the site.

  16. We do not allow 7 bed villas (other than our own personal villas) onto OV. These are to be advertised on ORV only. They will receive 6 and 7 bed General Enquiries from all 3 of OV and ORV as well as any Villa Specific enquiries for the site they are on.

  17. We do not advertise the villas of any owners who run competing commercial villa sites to us unless by prior agreement between the parties. In this case the owners are specifically excluded from passing on any enquiries they get from us to their commercial sites or to any other owners whatsoever. Failure to disclose this to us in advance will result in the immediate removal of your villa(s) from our sites without any notice.

  18. We do not advertise villas owned by Real Estate Agents, or sub-agents.

  19. We do not allow the mention of specific prices or anything that may give your villa a potential unfair advantage over other villas in your villa Headline. We do not want to become a site that is synonymous with low prices and this kind of thing only serves to imply we are. We will edit any such mentions without further notice.

  20. If for any reason you cannot display photos of your actual villa (e.g. if it is not yet built), you must obtain the permission of the copyright owner of any photos you use and clearly state in your advert text that the villa photos are not of your villa but of one of a similar standard (or similar wording).

  21. You must keep the password to the Villa Advertisers Area of our forums to yourself. Anyone found divulging this password to anyone else or to be aiding an unauthorised person to view this area of the forum will have their villa(s) removed from our sites immediately and without warning. This is at our sole discretion.

  22. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse to accept any villa advert and do not have to give reasons why it has not been accepted.

  23. Any OV Points you are awarded will be valid for 9 months then will be deducted. This is to give other members a chance to catch up. We reserve the right to remove villas that after a rolling 9 month period have no OV Points.

* Guests will be told that all genuine OV villa owners will quote a villa ref number in their replies. Guests will be asked to inform us of any replies to their enquiry that do not quote a villa ref number as they may not be the genuine owners of the villa in question.

Any non-compliance will result in immediate removal of your villa from OV.

Minimum Villa Advert Guidelines

We now have a set of minimum guidelines for each villa advert on our sites. The aim of this is to improve the quality of our sites, as well as to help you gain more enquiries for your villas.

The new guidelines are as follows:

  1. Spelling / Grammar to be correct.

  2. Summary to have a minimum of 100 words.

  3. Description to have a minimum of 300 words.

  4. Therates for your villa to be itemised specifically for each date range in Dollars (plus any other currencies) using the new tabular style rates section on your advert. The old style rates section is to be used as notes to the rates table you enter e.g. to put cost of pool heat and should not contain the actual rates themselves.

  5. Your advert must not contain outdated information. e.g. Any references to 2004 dates must be removed.

Adverts found not meeting the above criteria will be suspended until they have been updated.


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