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Welcome to Lake County

Just to the west of Disney, roughly halfway between the Gulf and Atlantic coasts lies the attractive, unspoilt area of Lake County. Recently it has become a popular location for residents and vacationers to enjoy with its many lakes - hence the name ...
Viewed 4927 times since 1 September 2008.

Baseball – a flavour of the new season at Walt Disney World

If you enjoy baseball or want to try out a game there’s an opportunity to watch the Atlanta Braves during their spring training. It’s a great way to spend a few hours with the family enjoying an ‘all American’ sport. Dates are usually mid February an...
Viewed 2094 times since 14 April 2013.

The Apollo/Saturn V Visitors Centre - Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Millions of people held their breath back on the 19th July 1969 as Neil Armstrong searched for a safe place to land the lunar module on the moon. “The Eagle has landed” crackled through the radio to earth. Many back on earth gasped at the sheer thoug...
Viewed 4638 times since 1 September 2008.

Daytona Beach (1)

Daytona Beach may not be renowned as the prettiest beach in Florida, or indeed the United States, but it has to be one of the most fun beaches with so much to do and watch! And it’s legendary throughout the world for being able to drive right onto th...
Viewed 5852 times since 1 September 2008.

Mount Dora – A Charming Alternative to visit

Our house, in Lake County, is just half an hour from Mount Dora, a beautiful, historical lakefront town. It’s become renowned for its antiques, craft fairs and festivals. These are held throughout the year bringing thousands of visitors to enjoy its ...
Viewed 4663 times since 2 March 2009.

Scenic boat tour Winter Park

Close to the attractions is the suburb of Winter Park, a little known town with its own scenic boat tour. Located on Lake Osceola, this is ideal for a quiet, inexpensive day out, or a leisurely alternative for those who want a day of from the thrill ...
Viewed 3998 times since 8 February 2011.

Arabian Nights – a dinner show

Colourful, beautiful costumes, handsome horses, enjoyable family entertainment, a pleasurable evening – just a few words to describe our visit to Arabian Nights. As frequent visitors to Orlando I wanted to take my family for an evening out whi...
Viewed 5260 times since 1 September 2008.

Boma restaurant, Animal Kingdom Lodge

When our neighbour’s next door to our Floridian home know we are flying over we get an email saying ‘ Do you guys want to go to Boma?’ I say to our daughters we’ve got an email from Katie (the neighbour’s 10 year old daughter) and they just shout “YE...
Viewed 8768 times since 1 September 2008.

Homers BBQ - An independent take–out near Four Corners (by H27/192)

If anyone is staying on H27 near the 192 exit why not try ‘Homer’s Real Pit BBQ’ for a take out? Or for those from Europe a ‘take away’! Homers Real Pit BBQ is situated on H27 just north of the 192 towards Clermont. From the front has a large...
Viewed 4699 times since 1 September 2008.

Try Smokey Bones Restaurant

On one of our regular shopping trips to Florida Mall, driving along Sand Lake Road, we found ‘Smokey Bones’, a log cabin style restaurant. Driving along on our way back to our villa, our daughters wanted to stop and try it. The architecture and theme...
Viewed 4556 times since 1 September 2008.

Hoop De Doo

Want a great family night out that’s a little bit different? Then try Disney’s Hoop de Doo. It’s loud, it’s colourful, it’s noisy, it’s crazy with slap stick humour, but most importantly it’s fun! We had not tried it until this summer...
Viewed 6097 times since 1 September 2008.

Whispering Canyon Restaurant – Wilderness Lodge

If you are looking for somewhere very different to eat – even whacky try The Whispering Canyon Restaurant at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. I don’t think I have ever eaten in a restaurant like it! It is not for those who want a quiet, intimate venue. Fun...
Viewed 4483 times since 1 September 2008.

Lunch with an astronaut

If like me you have an interest in the NASA space programme, you’ll enjoy Lunch with an Astronaut. It’s one of the best things we’ve done on our many trips to Florida Held in a large air conditioned room you are seated on round tables you are ...
Viewed 5876 times since 1 September 2008.

The Melting Pot

If you would like a meal with friends, one that is just a little bit different, try The Melting Pot. As the name suggests it’s a meal that melts in front of you – a fondue. Very friendly, very social as you all share the cooking! Take your ti...
Viewed 3624 times since 4 October 2008.

San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant, Clermont

For fans of Mexican food there’s a quietly kept secret from tourists on Highway 27 - San Jose’s Original Mexican Restaurant. Just ten to fifteen minutes north on H27/H192 towards Clermont, yet close to the many vacation homes in the Cagans Crossing a...
Viewed 4522 times since 2 March 2009.

French Dining at EPCOT

Living in England we are fortunate to be able to visit France quite often, always enjoying some delicious meals. Our friends in the United States, who visit Orlando quite often were always raving about their favourite restaurant in EPCOT’s World Show...
Viewed 4006 times since 15 February 2010.

50’s Prime Time Café – Disney Hollywood Studios

Our teenage daughter’s love this restaurant, just off the main street running through the centre of Disney Hollywood Studios. As the name of suggests the restaurant is linked very closely and designed in the style of the 1950s. However it doesn’t end...
Viewed 4336 times since 8 February 2011.

My first loop the loop ride - AeroSmith's Rock n Roller Coaster - Disney Hollywood Studios - April 2006

After many years I finally got to go on my first ever looped roller coaster. Being small can be good when I do gymnastics but it’s a thousand times bad when you’re waiting to be the right height to go on a ride. This week I finally made it! I went to...
Viewed 6331 times since 1 September 2008.

Expedition Everest

I am lucky that my parents have a house in Orlando and I have watched the mountain grow over two years. First it was a small base with scaffolding, then last summer a complete mountain which was brown in colour. On my visit this time it has snow! ...
Viewed 3389 times since 1 September 2008.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

I have to admit that I think I have under estimated this park. Animal Kingdom is Disney’s newest theme park which opened its doors in April 1998. I had only visited it twice, just after its opening and three years later - maybe because I have ...
Viewed 5184 times since 1 September 2008.

The facts about Space Mountain

It goes without saying that one of my favourite attractions at the Magic Kingdom is still Space Mountain. As a young lad, many years ago now, I can remember riding this space themed roller coaster for the very first time with my father. As a favourit...
Viewed 6303 times since 1 September 2008.

All about Cinderella’s Castle

One of the most renowned images across the world is the picture of Cinderella’s castle. This is an image that is now completely synonymous with the World of Disney and is used extensively as part of their brand. The significance of this image descend...
Viewed 5747 times since 1 September 2008.

Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights

At Disneyworld you will find the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, an amazing display of Christmas lights from mid November through to the first week January. When I first heard about these lights I thought it was related to Sharon and Ossi...
Viewed 4349 times since 1 September 2008.

Disney’s Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror is a thrilling experience like no other located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is set in a hotel from the television programme ‘The Twilight Zone’. To begin with you queue up in themed lines with eerie smoke being spray...
Viewed 5707 times since 1 September 2008.

First visit to Disney

We’ve often had guests who have said they want to do all of Disney – some staying just five days – including travelling time. However, they don’t recognise a fact we read recently that Disney is 47 square miles, the size of two Manhattan Islands or n...
Viewed 8130 times since 1 September 2008.

Disney’s Growth in Florida

Ever wondered how Disney grew and continues to develop? We did too and did some research – we were amazed that some things that seem to have happened only a couple of years ago were actually longer than that. It seemed only a few years ago that Disne...
Viewed 7030 times since 1 September 2008.

Behind the scene tours of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

If you’ve been to Orlando many times or you are looking for something a bit different why not try one of Magic Kingdom’s special tours. To do one of these you will need to purchase an entry ticket and then pay for the tour in addition but it will giv...
Viewed 5016 times since 1 September 2008.

Celebrate your birthday at Disney World – free in 2009!

A birthday is always special but one whilst visiting Disney World can have some of that special Disney magic! Firstly Disney gives free admission to the one celebrating the birthday. Before you plan your day at one of the Disney parks registe...
Viewed 4594 times since 11 April 2009.

Orlando Isn’t Just Theme Parks!

Friends often ask me why I like theme parks so much. I answer “I like them but no more than many with a young family. Why do you think I do?” To which they respond with “You go to Orlando so often - you must!” I find this an amazing view as Or...
Viewed 3508 times since 1 September 2008.

Tampa Bay Ray Devils – the history

On a recent trip to Florida my family decided to experience a professional baseball match. We booked tickets in advance and set off to the Tropicana stadium, St Petersburg, picked up the tickets from the box office and found our seats. Knowing little...
Viewed 4067 times since 1 September 2008.

Florida’s Climate

Probably the single most important factor that attracts us back to Florida year on year is the weather. Florida’s Climate can be described as subtropical although odd cold spells are not unknown in the winter time. The seasons in Florida are driven m...
Viewed 8142 times since 1 September 2008.

The history of Florida

Ever wondered how Florida became Florida? Well I was certainly intrigued enough to want to find out and thought I would share this in a potted history. The first native Americans, Paleo Indians, entered into Florida over 14, 000 years ago fro...
Viewed 8846 times since 1 September 2008.

Shuttle – Last Few Launches

As homeowners we are often asked where to go for the best Shuttle Launch view. This is one of the most exciting, awesome sights you can see whilst visiting Florida. The memory of such power will stay with you for a very, very long time. If you see a ...
Viewed 4102 times since 20 February 2010.

Roller Coaster History

Always subjective I know, but Florida must surely be one the world locations known for its fun attractions and superb roller coasters. The roller coaster is built to allow us to experience a few minutes of thrill and to allow us to simply forget ever...
Viewed 4008 times since 21 February 2010.


Since having our villa (from brand new) back in 2003 we have watched Highway 27 and the west side of Disney develop, mature and become vibrant. From open wild land and scattered citrus groves it is now offering so many restaurants – different cuisine...
Viewed 3938 times since 20 June 2012.

Boggy Creek

If you want something to do for half a day whilst visiting Central Florida that’s a bit different from the large commercial theme parks, visit Boggy Creek and take an airboat ride. It’s about 30 minutes drive out into the local Florida co...
Viewed 6061 times since 1 September 2008.

Try a baseball game!

As well as visiting the many theme attractions Central Florida has to offer we decided we’d like to watch a baseball game – a traditional American game. We found out that the Tampa Rays played at Tropicana Field, St Petersburg and that t...
Viewed 4979 times since 1 September 2008.

Bonanza Miniature Golf, West of Disney on the 192

The Bonanza miniature golf course is a great family experience in the Orlando area which you may enjoy. It’s situated on the 192, close to the Formosa area. It is built over a steak and seafood restaurant but from the road does not look much. I had...
Viewed 5082 times since 1 September 2008.

Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Courses

If you love Christmas, then you’ll love these two crazy golf courses! Set close to the snow themed Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney has designed these two courses to be great fun. They are the newest courses from Disney and we find them to b...
Viewed 4619 times since 1 September 2008.

Water Sports in Central Florida

If you enjoy sport, are looking for some fun or have a special occasion whilst on vacation in Orlando, why not have a go at some water sports. Sammy Duvall runs a Water Sport Centre from a ‘beach hut’ close by the Disney Contemporary Hotel, a...
Viewed 4240 times since 1 September 2008.

AstroVan - NASA’s Famous Silver Motorhome

After watching many Apollo and Shuttle launches on the TV and internet, and many visits to Kenny Space Centre I became interested in the AstroVan, the vehicle you see transporting the astronauts to the launch pad in. Silver in colour, I thoug...
Viewed 6187 times since 5 October 2008.

NASA Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

As you cross over the causeway on your journey to visit the Kennedy Space Centre, you see a huge, monstrous concrete building standing high above anything else you can see. Not the prettiest of structures but a very important one – the Vehicle Assemb...
Viewed 8695 times since 5 October 2008.

Sightseeing by Segway

Visiting the Gulf Coast I was fascinated to see people riding around on ‘Segways’. It looked a really cool fun way to travel. So I decided to look into these vehicles a bit more as I wanted to try one! Segways are becoming more and more popul...
Viewed 3668 times since 2 March 2009.

Ice! – Florida’s Unusual Winter Attraction

Something rather unexpected and rather special happens each year in Orlando. From the beginning of November through to early January the spectacular winter attraction Ice! is held at one of Orlando’s largest hotels, the Gaylord Palms. Over tw...
Viewed 3923 times since 11 April 2009.

Florida’s Natural History

The Florida I fell in love with in the 1970’s, when I first visited with my parents, was not the one of theme parks or even the expanse of white sandy beaches. It was away from the commercial, sophisticated areas… the waterways of Florida. Many visit...
Viewed 3901 times since 1 September 2008.

Experience a Shuttle Launch!

My secret ambition would have been to be an astronaut … one of my favourite films is Apollo 13. Having grown up as a young child watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon I guess my opportunity has long gone! ! ! But the Shuttle Launch Experience give...
Viewed 4181 times since 1 September 2008.

Fort Christmas – a touch of Pioneering Florida

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a pioneer in the United States then take a visit to Fort Christmas. Way back on Christmas Day (hence the name) in 1837, 2000 US Army Soldiers and Alabama volunteers arrived to build a fort. Only 200 fort...
Viewed 4150 times since 1 September 2008.

Merritt Island, Brevard County

If you haven’t visited Kennedy Space Centre you may not realise it is actually a wildlife refuge with over 15, 000 plants and animals – give or take a little disruption every now and again for a Shuttle lifting off. Since 1963 manatees have g...
Viewed 3720 times since 4 October 2008.

Getting the Shuttle to the Launch Pad

Ever wondered how NASA got those tall, thin, towering rockets or the infamous space shuttle up on the launch pad? It’s not quite done like Thunderbirds! There are no sliding floors or vehicles being raised up level with the ground to lift off. NASA a...
Viewed 4468 times since 31 October 2008.


There is a possibility that your travel to Florida’s coastline or to exciting central Florida may be via Miami should your travel plans include flying into Miami International airport. Many travellers will jump straight into a hire car and head for t...
Viewed 6355 times since 29 March 2009.

Key West, Florida

If you like lively holidays, or vacations, Key West, Florida is just such an energetic place to visit. It has a fantastic atmosphere unlike any of the other Keys in the chain of islands that outstretch from the mainland, south of Miami, reaching out ...
Viewed 7406 times since 7 February 2010.

Visit The Beautiful Floridian Keys

I’ve always wanted to visit The Florida Keys – I’d heard so much about Key West and these islands that stretch out towards Cuba, often with views of the sea from both sides of your vehicle. To break up our journey we flew into Miami and staye...
Viewed 3616 times since 7 February 2010.

Sunset Cruise – Key West

On recent trips to Central Florida we have found ourselves flying into Miami rather than the usual Orlando or Tampa. Rather than driving up to the Orlando area immediately we have used the first few days of our vacation to visit Key West. Key...
Viewed 4248 times since 1 April 2010.

The Hulk, Islands of Adventure, Universal

People from my school had told me about Islands of Adventure, its roller coasters …. and The Hulk. I’d not been able to ride it before as I wasn’t tall enough (I blame my parents for not being taller!!). As we drove into Universal I felt...
Viewed 4705 times since 1 September 2008.

Dragon Challenge, Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando

One of my favourite roller coaster rides is Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando. I love the feeling of my feet dangling, (especially if you’ve been walking around for quite a while and they ache! ), twisting freely as ...
Viewed 3384 times since 1 September 2008.

Did you wonder how Busch gardens developed?

The Busch Gardens African themed park is set within a 335 acre plot and opened nearly 50 years ago in March 1959. It originates from the days when the Anheuser-Busch brewery, famous for its Budweiser and Michelob beer brands, offered admission free h...
Viewed 4316 times since 1 September 2008.

Sheikra – Busch Gardens

One of our favourite rides in Busch Gardens over in Tampa is Sheikra. Sheikra is a vertical drop roller coaster located in the Stanleyville section of the park, The name is taken from a Shikra, an African hawk that dives straight down for its prey. T...
Viewed 5163 times since 28 March 2009.

Busch Gardens In Tampa

If you enjoy thrill rides, Busch Gardens Theme Park, is a great choice. From our house west of Orlando it takes just over an hour to drive down the I4 to the nearest outskirts of Tampa to enjoy a family fun day out! As the name sugges...
Viewed 4212 times since 7 February 2010.

Montu – Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens, Tampa has some wonderful rollercoaster rides – Sheikra being the most well known. However as you park your car and take the tram ride to the entrance, looming 150 high above into the sky is Montu’s towering cream coloured track. Turnin...
Viewed 5065 times since 14 February 2010.

Gwazi Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay with its many different styles of roller coaster has one quite unusual offering – Gwazi. As you enter Busch Garden, bear left through some of its prettiest gardens with beautiful flowers and plants, towards Stanleyv...
Viewed 4265 times since 14 February 2010.


Bright, colourful and family friendly. Ideal for children ten and under this is an exciting place – especially in the sparkling Florida sunshine. And if you are fortunate to have visited any other Legoland Park (England, Germany or Californ...
Viewed 3303 times since 20 June 2012.

All about Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a popular tourist destination on the Atlantic coast, 23 miles north of Miami. Originally it got its name after a series of forts built by the United States during the Seminole War. Nowadays it is sometimes referred to the “Venice o...
Viewed 3932 times since 8 February 2011.

Things to do 3 months before your holiday getaway!

With over 20 years experience of travelling and working for an international airline I have picked up many useful pointers. Some are obvious but often the obvious gets overlooked when a holiday seems so far away! Around three months before tr...
Viewed 5053 times since 1 September 2008.

Help with packing

Your holiday isn’t far away and you’ve now got to pack. If packing is not your favourite task, here are a few tips which might assist you. Pack your heaviest items, for example, shoes, books and toiletries, alongside the spine of th...
Viewed 7745 times since 1 September 2008.

Florida Mall in Orlando

This has been a favourite Mall for our family for many years but now our daughters are teenagers they can shop for England. Situated on South Orange Blossom Trail and Sandlake, it is not too far from most vacation homes. Popular with locals a...
Viewed 4421 times since 1 September 2008.

Walmart – A potted history

When we visit the USA we will inevitably visit the huge Walmart store close to our home. The store, whilst functional , and perhaps too large at times, is quite an amazing selling machine. And this is just one store, in one county, in one State. When...
Viewed 3925 times since 5 January 2009.

High emotions going on holiday – you’re not alone!

I don’t know about you, but I plan my holiday and spend the next few months dreaming about my it….sun, swimming, what I could do, what I can buy, what I can afford! I frequently dream of sitting in my spa, with a glass (plastic!) of wine in my hand a...
Viewed 4136 times since 1 September 2008.

Take an in-car Satellite Navigation system

Ever wondered what all the fuss was over Satellite Navigations systems? What are they? What do they do? Why rent one when on holiday/vacation? Some cars have the option of these systems when a car is purchased and is built in. However the port...
Viewed 3924 times since 1 September 2008.

Christmas in Orlando

Orlando loves the holidays! The whole area participates in the holiday festivities with amazing enthusiasm and passion. You’ll find palm trees decorated with lights and miles or tinsel and garland. You may need a sweater and trousers for the evening ...
Viewed 5141 times since 1 September 2008.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are located in the south westerly region of Florida and consist of approximately 1700 islands beginning 15 miles south of Miami. The islands divide the Atlantic from the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy a tropical climate. Key West is actual...
Viewed 5254 times since 11 April 2009.

Gulf Coast Beaches close to Orlando

Florida is renowned for having some of the best beaches in the USA. Many are beautiful, with soft white sand, easily accessible and with good facilities. With the year round sunshine everyone can enjoy the smooth, silky sand and the gentle warm water...
Viewed 16603 times since 11 April 2009.

The Kia Sorento

For the first leg of our summer vacation last year we flew into Miami having pre-ordered a mid/standard sized SUV(4x4) vehicle from Alamo car rental. We were collected at the airport by a new bus system that all of the major rental companies now shar...
Viewed 3245 times since 8 February 2011.

All about Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios in Florida started life in June 1990 inspired by its fellow location in California, namely Universal Studios Hollywood. From the very beginning it was decided that the facility take on the role of both theme park and studio ‘all in ...
Viewed 5518 times since 1 January 2009.

All about Universal’s Islands of Adventure Florida

Universal’s Islands of Adventure opened in May 1999 as part of a large expansion to the existing Studios. This was part of a large plan to turn the whole facility into a resort complex with hotels, restaurants and shops. The theme of the park is port...
Viewed 4760 times since 1 January 2009.

After Dragons Challenge at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

By the exit of Dragons Challenge there is a shelter with seats, so you are able to protect and cool down from the sun. There are souvenir shops up the village full of Harry Potter merchandise. You can even buy the school Uniform. On the right side of...
Viewed 3922 times since 8 February 2011.

As I finish my day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

As you move on you can see a ride which is called Flight of the Hippogriff, which used to been the Flying Unicorn. This has changed a lot as there is a new train – a hippogriff as its body and matching scenery. Queuing times vary around 10-15 minutes...
Viewed 3991 times since 8 February 2011.

A Most Spectacular Show – La Nouba

The reputation of Cirque Du Soleil is world renown – and up until this summer I had yet to experience it. Having persuaded my husband and two daughters, who are both musical and gymnasts that they would enjoy it, I bought tickets for the evening show...
Viewed 4754 times since 1 September 2008.

Walt Disney World - A potted history

All of the kids in our family, and I include us parents in that description, adore the Disney theme parks. They are pure fun and total escapism from the stresses and strains of daily routine. However, as we walked around the colourful streets ...
Viewed 4066 times since 1 September 2008.

Christmas Holiday Season at Disney - Orlando

If you are looking for an exciting place to spend the Holiday Season look no further than the exciting area of Orlando! It is a great time to have fun and party, and where better than the Sunshine State and the magical Orlando and Disney! An exciting...
Viewed 7640 times since 1 September 2008.

Raglan Road Downtown Disney - Irish Themed Pub

Like many visitors to Orlando we always want to try new restaurants as well as return to some family favourites. The latest one for us to try is Disney’s Ragland Road Irish pub and restaurant at Downtown Disney. This restaurant, which is owne...
Viewed 4481 times since 24 February 2010.

Disney Springs

Wonder what Disney Springs is? Can’t find Downtown Disney anymore? Well, Disney Springs is the renamed Downtown Disney from September 2015! The whole area from West Side, Pleasure Island to the Marketplace has been revamped, costing millions of dolla...
Viewed 1558 times since 1 February 2017.

Lovely Blue Spring State Park - A Great Day Out

If you want to see some of Florida’s natural beauty, take a ride out to the Blue Spring State Park. One of many State Parks to be found in Central Florida, this is a tranquil area of Florida - a renown manatee refuge in the cooler months around Decem...
Viewed 4202 times since 1 September 2008.

The Koreshan State Historic Site - Estero Florida

When we visited Florida last August we decided to 2 centre our holiday by spending a few days close to the West coast in a place called Bonita Springs and then following this with 2 weeks in Orlando. As part of our plan we researched the Bonita Sprin...
Viewed 3978 times since 8 February 2011.

Congo River Adventure Golf - 192 Kissimmee

Since playing our first crazy golf course in Florida and enjoying ourselves, our family try to find a different course on each visit. This time it we visited’ The Congo River Adventure Golf’. I have to say from the road it has very pretty scenery set...
Viewed 5595 times since 1 September 2008.

Riding the Wave in Orlando – Yes! Surfing!

Ever wondered what it felt like to surf but never had the courage to try it? Or perhaps you haven’t wanted to compete with the athletic surfers usually showing off their amazing skills…or perhaps you’ve not been to a beach with waves tall enough to b...
Viewed 2980 times since 20 June 2012.

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