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Animal Kingdom-Kilimanjaro Safari

I always enjoy visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom and one of my favourite features of the park is the Africa section and the Kilimanjaro Safari in particular. This year we only visited the park for half a day but our first stop was the safari. ...
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Bahama Breeze at Rolling Oaks Common

Bahama Breeze is the most recently opened Rolling Oaks restaurant and although there are several other branches around the Orlando area we had not eaten at Bahama Breeze until our last trip. Here you will find steak, chicken and fish dishes as well a...
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Bass Pro Shops – Outdoor World

If you are looking for somewhere a little bit different to visit during your Orlando holiday why not head to the Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World at the junction of International Drive and Oakridge Road (I. Ride trolley stop 2). This store is the ...
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Boggy Creek Airboat Rides

Ever since we started visiting Florida in 1993 we have been planning a ride on an airboat. Somehow we never seemed to find time to fit one in but this year we were determined. In February we finally managed a visit to Boggy Creek Airboats and we can ...
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Breakfast at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Whether you are staying in a villa or a hotel when you are visiting Walt Disney World one thing for certain is that you will be eating out quite a lot. In the UK we are used to eating out for dinner and lunch but eating out for breakfast ...
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Cagan Crossings

Cagan Crossings is a new up and coming area on highway 27 just north of the junction with highway 192 straight across from the 24 hour Wal Mart . It is a growing development of residential apartments with a small attractive tree lined town centre. It...
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The Columbia Restaurant, Celebration

One of our favourite restaurants is the Columbia which is located on Front Street in the town of Celebration. The restaurant overlooks Celebration’s main lake so it's a great setting for a fantastic meal. The Columbia is one of a chain of seve...
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Cracker Barrel-Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel is quite unique as it is both a store and a restaurant, hence the name so you can shop, eat or do both. This is a country wide chain with various locations through out the Orlando area. They are easy to spot with the traditional cou...
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Disney in a Day

We have been visiting central Florida since early 1993 and I think we can now be classed as official addicts. There is so much to do in and around the Orlando and Kissimmee area that we never have a problem finding somewhere new to try on each trip. ...
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Don Pablo's

This Tex-Mex restaurant is situated directly on International drive. It serves good Mexican food in a large cantina style environment. If you go early in the evening you should have no problem getting a table straight away but be warned it is...
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Epcot-Spaceship earth

As you approach Epcot you cannot fail to notice the large golf ball like structure that dominates the sky line even before you reach the parking lot, this is Spaceship Earth. It has become the symbol that signifies Epcot and tends to be the f...
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Epcot-World Showcase

Back in 1967 when Walt Disney unveiled his plans for the city of E.P.C.O.T, experimental prototype community of tomorrow, his vision of a futuristic, hi-tech, ideal world was a long way from The Epcot Centre we know today. However some aspects of Wal...
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What should you do on the first day of your first trip to Florida?

The first day of our first trip was memorable. It was March 1993 and a once in a lifetime special holiday. It was our first foreign holiday and the first time I or the children, then 9 and 11 had ever flown so to say we were excited is a bit ...
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Florida Here We Come ......

So the day has arrived when your long awaited thoroughly planned holiday is finally about to happen. The bags are packed and you are waiting for the taxi to take you to the airport, have you remembered everything, passports, tickets, medicines, a...
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Golden Corral (Highway 192)

The all-you-can eat buffets are probably one of the cheapest ways for families to eat out whilst on holiday in Orlando. But which one do you choose and what is the food like? When we first went to Florida when our children were small and we sta...
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Guso’s Italian-Latin Grill

I’ve thought long and hard before writing this review because at the moment it seems to be a little gem that few people other than the locals know about. I’m sure that once word gets out about this place it will prove so popular we will find ourselve...
Viewed 4517 times.

High Grove – A Great Place to Stay

High Grove is a new (completed late 2005) top class resort development of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes situated in one of the most convenient locations in the Disney area. I must point out that I am biased as this is where I decided to buy my home when H...
Viewed 10309 times.

High Grove Resort – an update

I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I wrote my first Florida guide article about High Grove but it is so I thought I’d better up date it as a few things have changed, all for the better I might add. High Grove is a first class resort dev...
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Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards, Florida

If you are looking for somewhere different to visit on your next trip to the Orlando area why not take a trip to Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards. If you thought that California was the only state in the U.S to produce wine think again. Laker...
Viewed 5361 times.

Logan's Roadhouse

For some reason we had never got around to visiting a Logan’s on any of our previous trips to Orlando so this time we decided to give it a try on the recommendation of some friends. We chose the one on the corner of highway 192 and Internati...
Viewed 3726 times.

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

As a lover of anything Art Nouveau and in particular Tiffany Glass whenever I’m in Central Florida always high on my must do list is a visit to The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. The museum, usually known simply as the Morse Museum,...
Viewed 4891 times.

Olive Garden Soup and Salad Lunch Special

We don’t often eat out at lunchtime when we are staying at our villa preferring to eat breakfast and lunch by the pool on our days away from the theme parks followed by dinner at a local restaurant or breakfast en route to the parks with fruit and sn...
Viewed 5440 times.

Red Lobster, Orlando

If you like seafood you can’t go wrong in and around the Orlando and Kissimmee areas. There are lots of restaurants offering steak and shrimp and eateries with seafood buffets but one of our favourite restaurants to visit is Red Lobster. Th...
Viewed 4761 times.

Red Lobster revisited

This restaurant is still top of our list of must visit places to eat. The menu is mainly seafood as the name suggests, but steaks and chicken as available as well. The lobster, shrimp, crab legs and scallops are wonderful and the service is always go...
Viewed 5036 times.

Red Lobster

For our family one of the great things about holidays in Florida is the food. We are all great seafood lovers and when we are in the sunshine state we really indulge ourselves. Our favourite seafood restaurant has got to be Red Lobster. We have vi...
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Self catering doesn’t have to mean cooking!

When you start to plan your villa holiday one thing to remember is that although most Florida villas are a far cry from the caravans, chalets and tents most of us associate with the typical UK self catering holidays that is still essentially what you...
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Shopping in Florida or how to make your trip pay for itself, almost! (Part 1)

We are lucky in that since we bought our home in Florida we have managed to visit the sunshine state roughly every four months. Due to our frequent trips the main attraction to us is no longer the theme parks but visiting the villa and enjoying the g...
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Shopping in Florida, or how to make your trip pay for itself, almost! (Part 2)

Next on our regular items to buy list are formal shirts from the Van Heusen store across from what is now the Prime outlets. Steve has to wear a shirt and tie for work everyday so he gets through a fair few in a year. He used to buy most of his work ...
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Shopping in Florida, or how to make your trip pay for itself, almost! (Part 3)

Our daughter loves Mac make up so this is something else we look out for on trips to the Florida Mall or The Mall at Millennia again it is around half the price you would pay in UK stores. However we always buy any YSL or Estee Lauder items on her wi...
Viewed 5084 times.


When we last visited Epcot Centre top of our “must do” list was a visit to The Land pavilion to try out the latest ride, Soarin’. Soarin opened at the end of April 2005 and from what we could tell has had a line of people waiting to ride since then! ...
Viewed 4591 times.

How we spend our last day.

None of us like the thought of our holiday coming to an end and although we don’t mind going home to see family and friends we don’t really enjoy the thought of having to go back to work and the less than perfect British weather. This is the reason w...
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Sweet Tomatoes

I always think buffet restaurants offer great value for money especially when you are travelling with young children who are faddy eaters. Unfortunately they don’t always offer particularly good quality food or much in the way of variety. One of the ...
Viewed 5337 times.

We're going to Florida, where shall we stay? (Part 1)

When you start to plan your holiday there are some questions that always come top of the list firstly where shall we go and secondly where shall we stay? Well in our house for the last fourteen years the answer to number one has always...
Viewed 4794 times.

We're going to Florida, where shall we stay? (Part 2)

For our second trip to Florida although there were only four of us, Mum, Dad and 2 kids aged 10 and 12 we decided that we needed more space than we could get in either a hotel room or suite so we decided to book a three bedroom villa. We booked th...
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We're going to Florida, where shall we stay? (Part 3)

After spending two summers in Florida in rental villas that we had booked through a tour operator we decided that for our third villa holiday we would go it alone! Our first experience of villa holidays had been wonderful with a beautiful well equ...
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Where to eat in the town of Celebration?

Market Street Café This fifties style diner is great for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They serve typical diner food sandwiches, burgers, salads and classics such as turkey dinner and fish and chips along with good coffee and to die for mi...
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Why do we stay in a villa?

When we first visited Florida we booked a hotel for our stay mainly because we thought that was what you had to do. We had a fantastic holiday in a lovely hotel. The room was a reasonable size and there were two double beds one for hubby and me and o...
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The City of Winter Park, Florida

If you are looking for something different to do on your days away from the theme parks and outlet malls why not fit a trip to Winter Park into your holiday plans? Winter Park is a sophisticated suburb of Orlando approximately 20 minutes dr...
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Yabi Japanese Steakhouse

If you are a new visitor to the Disney area then this place probably isn’t going to be at the top of your places to eat list. There are so many different restaurants close to the tourist areas of H192 and International drive for you to try that it wo...
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