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Florida Guide > Disney Parks

To me theme parks are for other people, I do not like the noise, the smell of the burger vans, the garish decoration, or the over exuberance of the clientele. It would seem to me that the inevitable queue to enter is enough to stop you frequenting these places, the queues to get out is enough to make yourself a promise never to return, a promise I have kept to myself for many years despite being described as a miserable old devil and worse by my daughter who really enjoys the rides and everything that goes with theme parks and fairgrounds.

After much coercion and cajoling on our visit to Florida I let myself be maneuvered into a visit to Epcot, and the first thing you notice as with all Florida is the amount of space on the roads, the highways that deposit you to the car parks are absolutely trouble free, no inching towards the gate for the last three miles with everyone in your car getting miserable before they even get to the main gate, the car parks are spacious the attendants on small one wheeled scooters are great and the small train and its operators to take you to the main gates are efficient and entertaining.

Once at the gates entrance is relatively easy with the obligatory security you are inside in about five minutes and at a cost of $60 for a day pass you wonder what on earth you are going to do for the next few hours. Do not wonder I guarantee that unless you are full of energy and unless you spend the whole day there you will not experience everything there is to see.

Epcot is a theme park that would be of interest to anyone aged eight and above it is an ideal way to get children interested in learning how we arrived where we are today where we as a planet are going in the future, a great deal of the exhibitions are centered around the climate and the destruction of our planet by global warming excess waste and other factors that seem to endanger our planet, you then remember where you are, in America, in a theme park, and you cannot help but wonder are we all taking this problem seriously enough or are we just paying lip service to it when it suits us.

From the entrance through space ship earth, the universe of energy, mission space all entertaing and educational without being too heavy. Test Track is an old fashioned ride but as with everything in this park it is laced with interesting facts. I found innovations missable but a friend of mine with us who is an engineer by trade was very interested in this exhibit this proved there is something for all tastes. The new ride soaring proved to be very popular along with the circle of life, living seas living with the land and what if labs a wonderful way to learn and enjoy no matter what your age. Honey I shrunk the kids is not to be missed I will not say anymore as it may spoil it for you, I can say it is not for people with a nervous disposition or small children

Around the lagoon is a tour of the world from Mexico to Norway through Canada U.K France Morocco Japan America Italy Germany China Disney have managed to create a small enclave with the relevant facts and interesting sights from each country encapsulated in around a lovely lagoon you can ride through a Norwegian ford have a meal in Venice and buy a Fez in Morocco For a real treat visit the French restaurant and treat yourself to a meal of distinction the food is very good the service is excellent a good end to your journey round the world.

We had decided to wait for the fireworks around the lake we had been told it was well worth the wait, we were not disappointed, at 9pm an extravaganza of pyrotechnics started that took your breath away and for 20 minutes all you could see was a mass of colour, children’s eyes grew to twice their normal size and a chorus of oohs and arrs echoed from children and adults alike.

The night ended and we made our way back to our car the cleaners lined up with their brushes and brooms to wish us goodnight and a a safe journey (and do you know i think they really meant it) The exit from the car park was as painless as the entrance had been and we were back in our villa with a glass of wine 30 minuets from when the fireworks finished.

I was also eating a large slice of humble pie i had thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Park and although I think you need a few adys to recuperate I would not like to do a theme park everyday I am looking forward to my next visit.

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EPCOT lake

EPCOT at night





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