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Florida Guide > Disney Parks

I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Epcot over the last few years. Sometimes I love it-especially in springtime if it’s now too crowded and they have the flower festival on and other times when it’s really hot and busy I feel like it’s primary purpose is just for eating and shopping.

In all fairness though it is a very pretty park and the floral arrangements and topiary are stunning and the walk around the lake is not be missed. So after missing it out for a couple of trips-something keeps dragging me back.

Like everywhere you go the fist time is nearly always the best time and I can still remember now on our very first visit in 1990 just being overawed by the attention to detail in the ‘Lands’ and maybe now after what must be over 20 visits I need to remember just how stunning and individual each Land is.

From the gorgeous colours and intricate patterns of Mexico with it’s boat ride and restaurant to the elegance of France with it’s miniature Eiffel Tower and beautiful perfumes in the shops, the restaurant, the shows and the singing.

I think everyone’s particular favourite though must be China as it’s decked out like a miniature palace with beautiful artifacts . It has the most interesting things to buy in it’s shops. The restaurant is lovely and most of all who can resist the acrobatic troupe who perform several shows a day outside in clement weather and rarely put a foot wrong-and all done with grace and style. If there’s anything to criticise is the screening of the film on China-I feel that the China today must be very different from the film we saw in 1990. it’s a couple of years since I last saw it-so I do hope they have updated it.

Then there’s Norway. We have eaten at the buffet several times and I even once went on the Maelstrom water ride –that was as far as I was prepared to go with regards to adrenalin rush. I like my white knuckle rides pink and fluffy! Children will love exploring the replica sailing ship outside.

Japan-again just as stunning to look at as China. The gardens are tranquil and relaxing, there’s an amazing pagoda. The drummers are fascinating. The ladies are beautiful, the kimonos are out of this world and I just adore the shop with it’s array of Japanese sweeties and chance to own your own freshwater pearl.

Canada-I love Le Cellier steakhouse here and afterwards catch the Off Kilter-Celtic group and now and again we go in to watch the O Canada film.

Morocco-has some fabulous things in the shops, leather goods, belts, sandals. There’s a lovely restaurant where you can watch the exotic belly dancers.

Italy-Ah St Mark’s square Venice. It’s many years since I have been there-but with every visit to Italy at Epcot those wonderful memories come flooding back. , the food, the gondolas, the bridges-just wonderful.

USA-The pomp and ceremony at the White House or is it the Pentagon. It seems more British than Great Britain. I love it’s elegant, airy rooms, the men in their red coats etc and in the flower festival you can watch a group of famous singer from the 70’s like Herman and his Hermits, Eric Burdon and the animals and Gary Puckett from Union Gap. All excellent.

Germany-is it always Oktoberfest in Germany-it always seem so-no mater what time of year you visit. It’s like entering an enormous bier kellar. I’ve never been to Germany but if I did I should expect it to look like the one at Epcot. There’s so much to see, a toy shop, jewellery, a shop with lovely german originated items. There’s also daily wine tasting.

Great Britain-The British are well catered for with a fish and chip shop, street entertainment and if you are feeling homesick a visit to the Rose and Crown pub should soon put you right.

This is the place to be when it is time for the nightly fireworks. Never does it look more beautiful when the lights are dimmed and the lands are set against a velvety black Florida sky. If there is one thing that Disney does well is fireworks and this spectacular is not to be missed. I won’t say any more –as it is fireworks with a difference-and leave you to discover it for yourself.

There used to be a lovely parade-but that finished a year or so ago. It’s a shame it was well enjoyed by many people.

Most of the World Showcase is wheelchair accessible-I think just the Maelstrom ride is where you would need help as in being lifted on-other than that everything else including theatres and restaurants are fine.

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Page added on: 2 April 2007
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Beautiful architecture in Germany

Banging the drum in Japan


Beautiful Chinese lanterns

The Moroccan Pavilion

Rugs for sale in Morroco

A wide range of perfume in France

Les Chefs Restaurant in France
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